McLaren To Partner With Renault

McLaren, a British Formula One Group, will split from its unproductive three years alliance with Honda. McLaren will switch to Renault Power from the 2018 Formula One Season. McLaren had partnered with Honda in 2015.

The British F1 Group listed out various crucial reasons for the split from the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

McLaren’s poor performance with Honda engine in the 2015 F1 season triggered the divide. Honda continued to deliver weak engines through the second and third year.

According to Fernando Alonso, the Spanish F1 racing driver, Honda engines were the least reliable and lacked power.

Following the engine disasters, the Japanese automobile maker failed to provide adequate personnel to make up for the ravages caused in the F1 seasons.

McLaren’s global brand prestige was wounded with the bleak performances on the tracks.

Ted Kravitz, Sky Sport’s F1 reporter said, “McLaren remains a desirable brand rather than buying into the successful Ferrari or Mercedes AMG. It is vital to the business.”

Honda pumped in £50 million to work with the F1 racing brand, but none proved commercially successful.

According to Ron Dennis, CEO of McLaren Technology Group, the team will not win a championship without the efforts of the engine makers. The group had been wasting too much prestige, power, and prize money with the failed collaboration.

As per the prestigious F1 racing brand, McLaren and Renault partnership might not bring home a title in 2018. This new alliance will not deter McLaren from vying to beat Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championship, which is due in 2018.

Renault is McLaren’s only alternative. The British racing group has agreed to a three-year deal with the French automobile manufacturer, and will take the deal to the current F1 engine regulations cycle in 2020.

McLaren has served a notice to Honda after the recent Italian Grand Prix held on September 3.