Apple’s Spaceship-like Campus Open To Visitors

Apple Inc. opened its spaceship-shaped campus in Cupertino, California for visitors. The campus spans over 5 million square feet, and is entirely powered by renewable energy.

According to Apple Insider report, major source of power for the facilities is its “on-site low carbon Central Plant.” Moreover, solar panels are fitted on the entire structure.

The campus generates approximately 17 megawatts of power, making it the world’s biggest on-site solar installation. It is designed to eliminate the need intensive heating or cooling for nine months of the year. Heating and cooling systems are kept in cubical concrete structure, and utilized only when needed.

The main building is built over 2.8 million square foot using glass panels. It has Apple store and café. The entire campus has earthquake-resistant structures, which can shift up to four and half feet horizontally in both directions to save company’s 12,000 employees.

The modern architectural marvel is surrounded by nearly 9,000 Redwood, Oak, Olive, and other species. However, only employees have access to meadow, orchard, and pond in the interior of the ring.

One of the attractive sites of the campus, Steve Jobs Center is built on a hill in the campus. Despite being on an altitude, it is not visible due to its underground construction. Visitors can see a 20-feet high glass cylinder, fitted with a 165 feet carbon fiber roof. The structure does not have any beams, pillars, and support structures. The roof rests on glass walls, providing a cylindrical open space. Moreover, the wiring for roof lighting is invisible.

Another striking feature of this structure is a glass elevator, which is circular in shape and spins on its axis while moving up or down.

The park was opened for visitors after Apple’s iPhone X launch event. A visit to this place is nothing but a pilgrimage for Apple fans.