Amazon Plans for North America

Amazon will invest $5 billion to set up a new headquarter in North America. It will employ 50,000 white-collar workers. The company is soliciting pitches from cities and states for its ‘HQ2’.

The online retailer will invest about $5 billion in constructing a second headquarter in a metropolitan area with a population of more than a million.

It is focusing on regions with a stable and a business-friendly environment, and an urban or suburban populace that can attract strong technical talent, as mentioned in Amazon’s eight-page guidance.

According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and founder, the new headquarter should be equal to the Seattle headquarters in terms of infrastructure.

“We are excited to find a second home,” he said.

Post the announcement, Amazon began with opening the Request for Proposal Stage (RFP). The RFP is inviting local and state governments to pitch to Amazon for a space for their new office. The benefits for the chosen city are massive.

Amazon’s investment in Seattle, from 2010 to 2016, pumped in $28 billions into the city’s economy.

Brooks Rainwater, the Director of the City Solutions and Applied Research Center at The National League of Cities said in an interview, “Large-scale moves create a large number of jobs and economic activity, and brings in affordable housing goals and infrastructure cost.”

“Amazon’s headquarter will be a boon for many communities. City officials will have to ensure that the economic growth it brings will be both sustainable and equitable.” Rainwater added

A recent article by Seattle Times said, “Amazon has effectively converted Seattle from the fastest growing U.S. city to the country’s largest company town.”

Amazon is one of the biggest employers of the tech industry on account of its largest logistics operation.

The online retailer has been expanding beyond the United States. Amazon unveiled a new headquarter in Shoreditch, the heart of the financial district in London.